Select the location to shoot a movie or series? Arrange a fashionable photo shoot? Looking for a place for a bright wedding movie or photo album? At you can order an hourly apartment in the business center "Moscow City".

"Moscow City" - multifunctional platform. A self-contained city in the heart of the capital, the center of business life. Unique services, unique space for work, rest and life, stunning landscapes. It is an ideal location for photo and video shooting.

Apartments in MIBC "Moscow-City" - author's interior, which was designed by famous designers from the Netherlands, USA, UK, Russia. Breathtaking panoramas are opened outside the window, which will become a bright background for photos or video clips.

Do you shoot a blockbuster, a laurel, a story detective or make a cozy family photo album? We will find the right apartment with the right atmosphere. One, two, three, or six whole rooms... Or maybe you want a penthouse with a 360° view! Any interior: loft style, rococo, pop, art nouveau, hi-tech and others. Available all kinds of views outside: Sparrow Hills, the Kremlin, panoramic views of the capital or the ultra-modern skyscrapers. We organize shooting at several locations within one day, in the most recognizable and tall skyscrapers in Moscow: "OKO", "Mercury", "Capital City", "Federation", "Empire".

A special offer for honeymooners - rental apartments for rent for a day at a special price. Breathtaking lavstory, unforgettable photo shoot with the opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere after the operator and photographer left.

Apartments in Moscow City - will give much more emotion and excitement than any other, even the most expensive hotel room for newlyweds.

This is why renting an apartment for a photo or video shoot is advantageous at

We have permission to shoot, if necessary, we will help with renting lighting equipment and other equipment. 24-hour service - we will take care of it so that you can fully immerse yourself in the process, enjoy your rest or work. If necessary, we will find a suitable room just a few hours before the event.

To learn more about our terms and conditions, to agree on a convenient time for renting rooms or to book an apartment, call or leave a request on the site. We will call you back soon.